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Serial nr 00280. Solid mahogany body. Double cutaway. Pots 1376710. 2 P 90 pickups. One-piece mahogany neck with indian rosewood fretboard. Maestro vibrola tailpiece. Black format 60´s case. Looks like the original finish under the blacklight but it has been refinished at some point.

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Gretsch 6073 Bass -68′, SOLD

Gretsch 6073 Bass -68′, also known as the ”Peter Tork” Bass.

This was the model that Peter Tork from the Monkees used extensively in the late sixties.

The Gretsch 6073 bass was a double pickup hollowbody bass. The single pickup version was the 6071, and both were shortscale (29 inch).

16″ single cutaway hollow body 2″ thick

29″ scale neck

Double special design bass pickup

Adjustable 4-string space control bridge

Built in muffler(top missing

Padded back

Red grained mahogany finish