17 jun

Astner´s Guitars on tour! Come see us play!

Lüdenscheid, Germany – June 9th (With Eric Bibb)

Brighton, U.K – June 22nd (With Eric Bibb)

Tonbridge Wells, U.K – June 23rd (With Eric Bibb)

Eskilstuna, Sweden – July 4th (With Bronk and Ida Sand)

Narcao, Italy -July 20th (With Eric Bibb)

Pontinia, Italy – July 21st (With Eric Bibb)

Fiorenzuola, Italy – July 22nd (With Eric Bibb)

San Giovanni Aldarno, Italy – July 24th (With Eric Bibb)

London, U.K – August 2nd (With Eric Bibb)

Cambridge, U.K – August 4th (With Eric Bibb)

Marciac, France – August 5th (With Eric Bibb)

Roquebro, France – August 9th (With Eric Bibb)

Beautiful Days Festival, UK – August 18th (With Eric Bibb)

Eksjö, Sweden – August 24th (With Bronk and Per-Erik Hallin)

Stockholm, Sweden – August 25th (With Bronk and Per-Erik Hallin)

Västerås, Sweden – August 26th (With Bronk and Per-Erik Hallin)

Strasbourg, France – October 26th (With Eric Bibb)

Rhino Jazz, France – October 27th (With Eric Bibb)

Belfast, Ireland – October 30th (With Eric Bibb)